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FASTagPro is a one-stop FASTag recharge service that allows you to recharge any FASTag issued in India easily in 2 minutes without logging in.

FASTag Recharge
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How to recharge FASTag?

FASTag is a electronic toll collection system jointly managed by the National Highways Authority of India & NPCI. FASTag works on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology & is a credit-card sized sticker which is pasted on the windscreen of your vehicle so that the sensors can read it for toll payments and you can cross the toll plazas without stopping. Toll is automatically deducted from your FASTag wallet & you receive an SMS each time informing about the transaction.

With FASTag, paying the toll at the toll plazas is so convenient & fast. One needs to have separate fastags for separate vehicles, however, they can be linked under a same CUG (Closed User Group). FASTags can be recharged online using Cards, Net Banking & UPI.

FASTagPro is an Online FASTag Recharge service allowing you to recharge any FASTag online without logging in. FASTagPro lets you recharge your FASTag instantly so that you can add balance to your FASTag even if you are a few kilometers away from a toll plaza. FASTagPro lets you recharge any FASTag issued in india without the need of logging in to your FASTag provider's portal, in just 2 minutes. FASTagPro supports all payment methods, viz. Credit & Debit Cards, UPI, Mobile Wallets & Internet Banking.

FASTagPro is a one-stop FASTag recharge service that allows you to recharge any FASTag issued in India easily. We DO NOT store your OTP / Bank Account / Card details. That's a committment. Our portal, provides recharge facility to FASTag owners, who are willing to recharge their FASTag accounts online via Credit & Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Mobile Wallets & UPI.

Alternatively, you can recharge it with your Customer ID or Wallet ID received from the FASTag provider. These details are available in the email or mobile number provided by you at the time when you bought your vehicle. The main providers of FASTag are HDFC, ICICI & Axis Bank.

How to recharge your FASTag?

  1. On your browser, visit
  2. Enter your Mobile Number, Vehicle Number, Amount & select FASTag Issuer from the drop-down.
  3. If you have a coupon code or a referral code, you may enter in the Coupon Code input box.
  4. Select your preferred payment mode & click on 'Recharge Now' button. FASTagPro supports all payment methods, viz. Credit & Debit Cards, UPI, Mobile Wallets & Internet Banking.
  5. Once you complete your payment, your FASTag will be recharged within 2 minutes.

Have Questions?

  1. What if I have recharged the FASTag but Money is not credited in my FASTag Account?
    Although all FASTag recharges are instant, sometimes it may take longer to reflect the balance. It is advised to wait for 72 hours. Alternatively, customer can call on his bank call center and raise the request for reversal.
  2. I did not have enough amount in FASTag account to pass the toll plaza. Can I pass the toll Plaza in this scenario?
    Customer will be allowed to pass through the 1st Toll plaza of his journey later for the next toll plaza his tag status will be shown under low balance. Hence either customer have to recharge his FASTag account or has to pay in cash while passing the Toll Plaza.
  3. Is there any minimum or maximum value for FASTag recharge/top-up?
    Customers can recharge the FASTag account in the denomination of 100 rupees and the maximum amount of recharge is decided basis on the type of vehicle & account link to FASTag. The maximum amount of recharge is defined on all bank's websites. FASTagPro allows a recharge between the range of Rs. 100 to Rs. 10,000.
  4. How to find my FASTag Issuer?
    Knowing your FASTag issuer is simpler than you think. To locate the FASTag Issuing Bank for the FASTag pasted on your vehicle, simple check for the logo of the provider on the FASTag from inside the vehicle or car. You should be able to find it on the left hand side as shown in the image (ICICI Bank in the example). This is applicable to all FASTags, whether you own a car or a large vehicle.
  5. I was forced to pay by cash at the toll plaza, though I am having sufficient balance in FASTag?
    In case forcing to pay by cash though your account is having sufficient balance in FASTag, Customer should call on the 1033 toll free number and register the complaint for the same. 1033 call center is set up by NHAI (Govt. of India) for all road assistance to the highway user which includes FASTag as well.
  6. I got a new FASTag but when i have used for the first its says Blacklisted but i have sufficient balance in my wallet.
    Blacklist of tag means vehicle is not allowed to pay through FASTag at the toll plaza. There are various reason of blacklisting of Tag, i.e. Tag is not having sufficient balance in his FASTag account. In such cases Customer should call his bank toll free call center numbers and get the reason of blacklist. To avoid Blacklisting of tag, customer should recharge his tag when he gets the alert of low balance from his bank. Also FASTag can be blacklisted by the law enforcement agencies due to any rule violation complaint register against the vehicle. In such cases the enforcement agencies request issuer or acquirer to add the tag id the in the blacklist.

Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more insights.

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